Reducing Environmental Impacts Throughout Our Value Chain

The Company is committed to proactively protect the environment and use natural resources in a responsible manner.
As the country and region leading company, Osotspa understands the urgent need for everyone to help solve the environmental
problems that the world is currently facing: a climate change crisis, water shortage as well as waste management problems.
Osotspa therefore focuses on four important environmental issues: energy and climate management, water resource management,
waste management and packaging development for sustainability.

Energy & Climate Management

Climate change, which is mainly causeed by greenhouse gases from human activities, especially the use of fossil fuels, is affecting the world severely and extensively. Therefore, Osotspa has managed the use of energy and assessed the amount of greenhouse gases from various processes, while planning to deal with the effects of climate change as follows:

Water Stewardship

Water resources are important to every life and imminent raw material for the company's products. Osotspa then attaches importance to water resource management and wastewater management. The Company aims to use water intensity as an indicator of efficiency in environmental management. Following are the guidelines of our water management.

Waste Management

The Company's long-term target for waste management is to achieve zero landfill waste. We manage waste according to the 3Rs with the aim of reducing as much waste as possible from the production process and office. This ensures resource management is efficient and in line with the Circular Economy principle.

Sustainable Packaging

Good packaging helps to maintain the quality and safety of products from manufacturers to consumers. Manufacturers should consider minimizing environmental impacts caused by packaging. Seventy percent of Osotspa products are in glass bottles. Osotspa is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Thailand with production capacity of 436,000 tons/year.

These glass bottles can be recycled into raw materials for making new bottles. This helps reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions in production process and consumption of natural raw materials and energy.

In addition to using glass bottles, the Company has continually evaluated the characteristics and suitability of the packaging, especially the plastic packaging. The Company focuses on suitable use of plastic, reduction of plastic intensity, and use of recyclable plastic.

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