Cultivating a Mindset of Sustainability among Employees

Employees are our most valuable asset and the key to the Company's success.
We work hard to ensure that our employees are competent, that our working
environment is healthy, and that teamwork is promoted while individuals are respected.

Human Capital Development

The Company emphasizes enhancing employee potential to stay abreast of rapid changes in the industry. Developing employee skills and enhancing knowledge are crucial to driving the Company towards growth and creating an organization conducive to learning. This is addressed via our OSP Academy platform which supports development of modern skills and acquisition of relevant knowledge. The Company embrace the eagerness to learn (Learn), break the old learning framework (Unlearn) to learn new things (Relearn) and develop oneself to enhance and enjoy life (Lifelong Learning). Our efforts are carried out through the provision of training programs that promote blended learning-a method that integrates into a single course knowledge and skills from different disciplines that can be utilized in real work situations.

Good Labor Practice

We are committed to ensuring that our culture and working environment are healthy. We treat every employee with dignity and respect individuality and human rights in accordance with laws and regulations as well as domestic and international standards. In line with our Code of Conduct, all employees have equal opportunities in employment, appointment, and relocation without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, or physical disability and we ensure no forced labor.

The Company recognizes the importance of providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment to promote good health among employees and prevent accidents from work. 

Our Brands


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